Eigo* Samples, and the English equivalent, Japanese Travel Phrases are collections of practical, informal, Japanese - English language translation learning aids.

*The word eigo is the Japanese romaji word for English.

The purpose of this site is to provide assistance in overcoming language barriers, whether you are a non-Japanese speaking tourist traveling within Japan. Or, a Japanese person traveling within an English speaking country.

For the tourist visiting Japan, you will find that having at your fingertips a few Japanese Travel Phrases in English, Romaji and in the written language of Japan; Kanji, hiragana and katakana, make your trip much more enjoyable and educational.


E-mail samples for hotel room booking (Japanese)

Food and Dining

Food and Dining - Main page
Fast food restaurant
(Casual) restaurant
Grocery stores or supermarket.
Food Labes


Shopping - Main page
Department store
Grocery stores or supermarket


Ask direction on street

Computer / Internet

Internet Cafe
Basic PC operation
Using the Internet
PC trouble

Monozukuri manufacturing

Mecanical Enginnering Word List

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