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Japanese/English Conversation Practice

Using the words shown in lists, make sentences and speak them up quickly. You will make the best use of this website to improve your speaking, interpretation, and presentation skills.

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How to use

The list on each category page shows 3 or 5 words at random. Use the listed words to make sentences one after another and speak them up at the same time. If you press the button "Shuffle" at the bottom of the list, it works like a flashcard function and lists different words.

Examples of use

Make questions by using the word shown in the list and answer by yourself.

Set a time limit, 10 minutes (2-min x 5 sessions), for example, and practice every day.

Compare your sentences with those in reference books that you have. Again, the repetition will help you improve accuracy in composing.

Practices for off-the-cuff speeches

In case of practicing impromptu presentations, set a time limit of 2 minutes. Think and speak off the cuff to yourself in the mirror, or take a video so that you can find out what was good or bad in your speech. Practice by repetition will help you get used to the time length.

Don't worry about making mistakes. Practice makes perfect.

Focused on improvement in thinking and speaking off-the-cuff, the words in lists come with only a little information on purpose so that you can imagine any speaking situation. If you intend to improve your speaking, writing, use proper reference books or study at a language school.


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